Monday, 14 March 2011

Lets TRASH the Raffle and have a good old GIVEAWAY!!!!!!

I'm feeling generous, lol!
So guess what. . . . . .
I've decided to trash the idea of a raffle in celebration of hitting 300 likes on facebook and do a giveaway instead!

This is the lovely little fella you could win if you eneter.
He is a gorgeous soft and fluffy hand knit little lamb!

So here's what you have to do . . . . . . 

Pop over to my Facebook page and click the "like" button!
Have a browse through my pics then pop back over here and post a comment below telling me which of my creations is your fave and why.
DON'T FORGET to add your NAME so I can contact you if you win!

Don't have a blog account????
Don't worry!
You can email your comment to me at

Once my page reaches 300 likes I will announce the closing date for the giveaway.
After that date, the winner will be drawn! 
Not sure how yet, but I'll get back to you, hehe

Right, that's it. Away you go.


  1. omg i love it!! I would call him Lambsy cuz i had a little sheep when i was little and that was his name!

  2. Deanne Kidd
    how can you expect me to choose one favourite haha they all adorable
    i love the lil lamb & he would deff get called lambert :-P

  3. Email entry.....

    Hi, my favourite of your creations is your brontosaurus. Love the dinos. :o) Leigh Moull.

  4. Email entry -

    It has to be said that i love all your little creations. However, i just adore the bunnies you make.
    Very cute and lovable! Bunnies really are a true classic. I think some rag dollies would be lovely too!
    If i won the lamb it would be given to my 10 month old daughter and i think we would name him Henry.
    He would be kept in her cot so she could cuddle him at night and and i guess they could count sheep together in dreamland.
    Jen Jen. x